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Conformity Assessment


CTV makes available to its customers the certification of made-up part, textile and non-textile material and accessories, not subject to mandatory regulation.

It is a service that aims to assess compliance with specific technical standards/requirements.

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The costs of certification made available after completing the service request.

To formalize, download the service request.

In the Downloads area you can consult the list of Conformity certificates issued.


If you need more information contact us: 252 300 376 | General Information

General Conditions of Conformity Assessment Service:

  • Applicable only to the sample evaluated.

  • Samples are stored for a period of 3 months from the report and certificate issue date. At the end of this period the samples are eliminated.

  • All tests for conformity checking are subcontracted to accredited testing laboratories.

  • The report and/or certificate cannot be partially reproduced without prior authorization from CTV.

  • The certificate is issued only for the evaluated sample and has no expiration date.

  • In case of non-conformity of the sample evaluated, only the conformity evaluation report will be issued (certificate of conformity will not be issued).

  • Aside from the Client public information, all other information handled by CTV is treated as confidential and whenever it is necessary to disclose or publish additional information, CTV should request authorization from the client.

  • If the client provides copies of the evaluation documents to others, the documents shall be reproduced in their entirety.

  • The Client should not use its conformity assessment in such a manner as to bring CTV into disrepute and does not make any statement regarding its product evaluation that CTV may consider misleading or unauthorized.

  • The Client must deliver the quantity of sample (s) requested by CTV.

  • The Client undertakes that the product for which the certificate of conformity was issued is produced according to the same specifications as the sample examined by CTV.

  • The Client ensures all the necessary conditions for the investigation of possible claims.

  • The product conformity assessment performed by CTV doesn’t included the subsequent production items.

  • The client has the right to file a claim and/or appeal, on CTV in Complaint Portal.

  • The client is only entitled to claim within 3 months from the date of issuance of the report and certificate.

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