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Who we are

CTV is an internationally recognized organizational structure that dedicates its activity to the certification of products and services.

It is accredited by the standard EN ISO/IEC 17065 by IPAC and according to the rules of GOTS and Textile Exchange, by the IOAS.


CTV is a Notified Body in accordance with the Regulation EU 2016/425 for PPE, Certification Body for Community Face Masks and Conformity Assesment Body for Medical Devices, class I, non-sterilized (EU Regulation 2017/745).


Our areas of expertise are the follows:

  • CE Marking:

    • Assessment of textile products for CE marking



                   *Not applicable to the first processors (ex: cotton gins, slaughters)


CTV actively monitors and participates in the development work of product certification at European and international level, in various technical commissions for standardization and in meetings promoted by the European Commission regarding legislation on Personal Protective Equipment.


CTV is on the market as a result of its team's experience in the certification activity.

Our Team
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Bárbara Pereira

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