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CITEVE Certification


CITEVE Certificação Unipessoal, Lda is an organizational structure accredited by NP EN ISO/ IEC 17065: 2014 by IPAC, where its activity is the certification of textile products.

Product certification is an instrument that enables companies to demonstrate in an unbiased and credible manner the quality, reliability and performance of their products in a way that:

  • enhances customer confidence;

  • makes a difference to competitors;

  • increases competitiveness by reducing the costs of non-quality;

  • reinforces the image of the company;

  • facilitates access to new markets;

  • complies with regulatory requirements.


CITEVE Certificação emerges in the market due to the experience of its team in the activity of certification of textile products.


CITEVE Certificação actively monitors and participates in the development of product certification at European and international level, in various Technical Standardization Commissions and in the meetings promoted by the European Commission on European legislation on Personal Protective Equipment.


For more information about the procedures, structure and organization, CITEVE Certificação makes available the Quality Manual in the Downloads area.

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Our Team
foto Sara.jpg
Sara Oliveira

Certification Technician

foto Andreia.jpg
Andreia Monteiro

Administrative Technician

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Paulo Sarrico

Company Manager 

Clara Rodrigues

Certification Manager 

Paulo Rodrigues

Certification Technician

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